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Top 10 Copper Artists

Copper is a metal that has inspired artists for thousands of years. Since the days of Ancient Egypt, artists have worked with this beautiful and versatile metal to create pieces of exceptional beauty. Among the many talented contemporary artists, there are a few whose amazing aesthetic captures the essence of copper in unique and fascinating ways. Here is our list of the top 10 copper artists in North America:

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Old-World Kitchens Deserve Copper Range Hoods

If you’re hoping to achieve a unique, functional kitchen space, consider investing in old-world elements that demonstrate durability and craftsmanship at their very best. Reminiscent of the architecture and design prominent before the European discovery of North America, an old-world design often includes substantial pieces of rustic lumber, stone, and pre-industrial metal. Installing a focal piece as beautiful and eye-catching as a hand-crafted copper range hood, for instance, would be an effective way to quickly transition your kitchen to an old-world design motif.

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